Painting in oils, with the occasional pastel work in studio, Georgina has exhibited with various galleries since her early 20’s, being fortunate enough to have her work recognised early on. Painting originally from photographs, her work gained momentum and interest when she started to paint ‘plein air’ (from life outside) using the work to inform her larger studio pieces resulting in an energy and unpredictability matching that of the British climate. 
Whilst Georgina paints what she sees, she equally strives to paint her feelings of what she sees more than the exacts, pushing colours and tone beyond the eye’s comprehension. Striving to capture the weather on the canvas; the emotion that the rain or sunshine brings us using colour and brush movement, her paintings are about trying to find that elusive otherworldliness that strikes a cord within ones’ soul and making the moment timeless. 
Georgina’s ability to be able to produce large-scale landscape work ‘sizing up’ brushes and marks accordingly has gained her exceptional commission work from private clients, and her work features in collections worldwide including those of influential art collectors, celebrities and sports personalities to name but a few. 

Previous exhibitions
The Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2020, 2022, 2023
The Royal Society of Marine Artists 2021, 2023
ING Discerning Eye
Chelsea Art Society
Bath Society of Artists
The Pastel Society
The Diana Brooks Art Prize, Art for Youth
The Yoshimoto Prize, The Pastel Society